The Connection Between Physical and Mental Health pt. 2

Have you ever felt like your mental and physical health are connected? That’s because they are! The state of one health can significantly affect the other. There are many ways to make sure both aspects of your health are thriving!


National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

February is not only a month that raises awareness of eating disorders, it is a month of healing. A Pathway to Joy is here to help raise awareness and support individuals who need it most. Our mission is to create a world where each individual feels understood and empowered to seek help and live a life filled with hope and purpose.

Suicide Prevention Month

During Suicide Prevention month, our goal is to remind others that there is hope and help is readily available.

Crisis Hotlines

Sometimes things happen that cannot wait for another day to go to the doctor or to a therapist. That is where crisis hotlines become super valuable.

Coping With Change

Change is inevitable, there is no way around it, and may be one of the hardest things you encounter in life. We would love to provide healthy coping skills that will continuously provide positive relief for you!

The Benefits of Deep Breathing

There are tons of breathing techniques you can use in times of  stress, anxiousness, sadness, etcetera. You just have to find the techniques that work best for you. 

Lets Talk About Journaling

Have you ever felt extremely overwhelmed with your thoughts and not sure who to talk to? Writing down your thoughts can provide a sense of order and comfort when life seems a bit chaotic.  

The Connection Between Physical and Mental Health

Whether it’s walking, lifting weights, yoga, or anything in between, doing something physical can help tremendously with our mental health. The question is, just how much does our physical and mental health help each other?

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