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Our mission

To create a world where every individual feels valued, understood and empowered to seek help and live a life with hope and purpose.

Our Goals

To save lives by preventing suicide, offering hope, and providing vital support to those in need. We want to spread mental health awareness and help destigmatize it in the process. We will encourage people to get the help and resources they need. 

Our Future

Welcome to A Pathway to Joy, we are so happy you are here.

We would like to walk you through how we plan on making our mission into a reality.

Mental health is a lifelong journey that deserves attention and care at every stage of life.

The Youth:

Through our programs, we aim to provide valuable services that nurture the mental health of young individuals. Our mental health kids camp, Camp Joy, aims to guide the youth in learning coping skills, emotional regulation, building relationships and so much more.

Young Adults: 

Looking ahead, we envision a Mental Health House in the heart of Northville. In it’s beginning stages, the house will be tailored for high school and young adult demographics, serving as a beacon of support and empowerment. As we grow, our commitment extends to servicing a broader demographic, ensuring opportunities for mental health resources for all ages. 

A Lifetime: 

Mental health is a lifelong journey that deserves attention and care every step of the way. Our annual Steps Against Suicide Walk and Event is for the entire community. All ages are welcomed and encouraged. This event brings the community together with local businesses, mental health professions and passionate members of the community to raise awareness and raise funds to further support our mission. 

More about the Mental Health House...

Welcome to our vision for the Mental Health House! We envision it as a safe space where individuals can find comfort and support on their mental health journey. Within its walls, a wealth of resources will be at your fingertips, from informational materials to guidance. In this house, healing will take many forms; imagine engaging in group therapies with art or music. Our serene yoga room, will inspire mind and body to find harmony amidst life’s chaos. And for those who seek tranquility outdoors, our lush garden  will offer a peaceful retreat. This will be more than just a house; it’s a haven, a place where hope blossoms and healing begins. 

Looking ahead, our vision for the Mental Health House expands to include a variety of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of our community. Picture this: workshops designed specifically for parents navigating concerns about their child’s mental well-being, offering guidance, support, and practical strategies for fostering resilience. For new moms, we’ll provide a lifeline of resources, ensuring that the journey into motherhood is met with understanding and assistance every step of the way. But that’s not all – imagine having access to guest mental health professionals who bring their expertise and insight directly to our community, enriching our understanding and treatment of mental health. And for those who seek to be proactive in supporting others, our Mental Health First Aid trainings will equip individuals with the tools and knowledge to provide initial help to those experiencing mental health challenges. Lastly, our support groups will serve as a cornerstone of connection and empathy, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding among participants. Together, we’re building a community where mental health is prioritized, supported, and celebrated. Join us as we continue to pave the way towards a brighter, more resilient future.

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