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To create a world where every individual feels valued, understood, and empowered to seek help and live a life with hope and purpose

Upcoming Plans

A Pathway to Joy is hosting a mental health based kids camp this summer! This camp will teach children about emotional regulation, coping skills, relationship building through fun activities and themed days.    

Our Goals

Our goal is to save lives by preventing suicide, offering hope, and providing vital support to those in need. We want to spread mental health awareness and to help destigmatize it in the process.

Meet our founder, 

On a mission to change lives

Hannah Jahshan

My journey began with a spontaneous decision to start this project, initially seeking nothing more than a bit of fun. However, as the years passed, it transformed into a profound outlet for me to turn my personal pain into something impactful, meaningful, and filled with joy. I’ve faced the darkness of suicidal thoughts, mourned the loss of a close friend to suicide, and endured the challenging process of recovery for many years. Through it all, this project emerged as my beacon of hope.

In just a few short years, my passion for this endeavor has grown immensely. It’s not only a reflection of my own healing and resilience but also a way to inspire hope and make a positive impact on others. So, welcome to my passion project – a testament to the power of turning pain into purpose.

Our founder

Only a few of the inspirational people leading the cause

Other Leaders

Dana Santilli

Executive Director 

our Leaders and team members

This team is made up of a group young adults who are talented, kind, and extremely passionate about mental health.

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